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12/12/11|New York Times

Jazz Musicians Start a Pension Push

New York City’s musicians’ union has begun leafleting outside a major jazz club, the first salvo in what union leaders say is a campaign to gain pension benefits and a minimum wage for jazz artists.

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04/01/11|Business Insurance

Mixed ruling in suit over AIG employees’ pension losses

A New York federal judge has dismissed some claims against American International Group Inc. related to losses sustained by its employee pension plans, but also refused to dismiss others.

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02/21/11|USA Today

Five retirement planning mistakes to avoid

Retirement planning is a whole new world when compared with the reliable three-legged stool that the World War II generation relied on.

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How to Find Thousands in Lost Pension Money

My wife and I were hiking with some friends recently, and as often happens now with people our age, we started talking about retirement — more specifically, about whether we’d have enough retirement income to make ends meet.

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Older Americans Act celebrates an anniversary

Today marks the 44th anniversary of the Older Americans Act, a federal grant program that helps millions of older adults throughout the country.  One of the programs funded by the Older Americans Act is the Administration on Aging’s Pension Counseling and Information Program, which supports regional pension counseling projects around the country.  These nonprofit counseling projects provide […]