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05/31/12|CBS MoneyWatch

Bill creates state retirement for private workers

California’s Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would create a guaranteed, government-run retirement savings program catering to private-sector workers of modest means.

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05/30/12|Wall Street Journal

Could Your 401(k) Fees Buy a House?

There are more than 50 million Americans with investments in 401(k) and other defined-contribution retirement-savings plans. They’re about to be getting more information about the fees they pay. By one estimate, it could be sobering news.

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05/29/12|U.S. News & World Report

4 Countries with Better 401(k) Plans than the United States

The United States isn’t the only country that encourages workers to use retirement accounts to save for the future. Some other countries provide retirement accounts similar to 401(k)s that offer clearer disclosures, simpler investments, and lower costs than most retirement plans in the United States.

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05/27/12|Investment News

Looming election slams brakes on fiduciary regs

DOL and SEC likely will delay any moves until after Nov. vote

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05/27/12|Chattanooga Times Free Press

Olan Mills Inc. left pension $41 million shy

Olan Mills Inc. was one of Chattanooga’s biggest successes, going from a woodshed darkroom 80 years ago to a multimillion-dollar network that became the nation’s largest family portrait company.

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05/24/12|Connecticut Post

State pensions eyes European chaos for opportunity

The European economic storm continues to swirl and threaten investments in the U.S., but Connecticut’s top pension official sees opportunity in the troubles on the other side of the Atlantic.

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05/16/12|Morning Edition

Certain Ford Retirees Face Major Pension Decision

Ford Motor Company is making tens of thousands of white-collar retirees decide whether they want to keep getting their pension in monthly installments, or get a lump sum payout. Ford sees the unprecedented move as a way to reduce the company’s liabilities.

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Q&A With Outgoing Colorado Pension Chief: ‘The 401(k) Experiment Is a Failure’

Meredith Williams has headed public employee pension systems in both Colorado and Kansas. During his nearly 21 years in those jobs, he has witnessed great changes in the scope and generosity of retirement benefits offered to state workers.

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The Future of Retirement? 401(k)s That Look Like Old-Fashioned Pensions

One of the biggest flaws in most people’s retirement plan is something that previous generations rarely worried about: monthly income guaranteed for life. But the fix is in, and before long your 401(k) may look a lot more like your dad’s pension.

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05/16/12|JD Journal

Pension Authorities Sue Dewey Seeking Termination of Dewey Retirement Plans

On Monday, in a new turn of events adding to the despair of Dewey & LeBoeuf employees, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp has filed a lawsuit against the firm in a federal court in Manhattan. The federally-owned U.S. government corporation is seeking a decree to terminate a big number of Dewey retirement plans.

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05/15/12|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract Rules Should Allow More Options, Commenters Say

A Treasury Department proposal to expand retirement income options is on the right track, but it requires some revisions to achieve the objectivesoutlined in the proposed regulation (REG-115809-11), a variety of interest groups said in public comment letters posted May 4.

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Owning your company’s stock, toxic or not?

Buying stock that then falls sharply is painful, especially for investors who also happen to be company employees.