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Why Saving In Your 401(k) Might Be Horrible For You

A 401(k) may be the largest financial asset a family has. They can be great to build wealth, or so defective they may not be worth your participation. They range from excellent to awful. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to decide whether to maximize the opportunity or pass and find better ways to invest.

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Highway bill includes good news and bad news — for pensions?

Today, Congress passed H.R. 4348, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, which, among other things, re-authorized funding for the nation’s highways and extended the current low interest rate on student loans. Why is the Pension Rights Center following this bill? The answer is simple:  Congress included major changes in pension law as […]

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06/29/12|Associated Press via Yahoo! News

401(k) fee transparency rules take effect Sunday

Federal disclosure rules that go into effect Sunday will make it easier for workers and retirees to see how much their 401(k) accounts are being docked in fees.

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State-run pension plans growing for private sector

Many states are considering implementing a new type of pension plan for private-sector workers that uses the efficiencies of the state run public retirement systems to administer them, according to the Pension Rights Center.

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06/28/12|New York Times

Looking for Cash, Congress Finds Some in a Corporate Pension Rule Tweak

Lawmakers looking for money to finance low-cost student loans and fix aging highways have found about $20 billion in an unlikely place: company pension funds.

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06/27/12|Detroit News

Ford retiree group critical of company’s lump sum pension offer

An association for Ford retirees has hired consultants, lawyers and accountants to review Ford Motor Co.’s plan to offer lump sum pension payouts this summer.

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06/26/12|Investment News

Freeing some seniors from required IRA distributions is worth the cost: J. Mark Iwry

Proposal would exempt those with less than $75,000 in retirement assets at a cost of $35M

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06/26/12|Business Insurance

Fewer Employers Match Defined Contribution Plan Deposits: SHRM Analysis

The percentage of employers that match employees’ contributions to defined contribution plans has declined since 2008, according to data released this week at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2012 Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta.

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06/21/12|Associated Press via Yahoo! News

Feds offer AMR relief on pilots’ pension standoff

A proposed federal regulation would help American Airlines freeze the pension plan for its pilots instead of terminating the plan.

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Five things to consider before cutting pension benefits

The message from voters about public pension plans is clear: They’re ready to cut the retirement benefits of police, firefighters, teachers and other state and municipal workers.

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GM pensions: Not all retirees, officials see offer as a ‘win-win’

General Motors Co.’s pension buyout offer to white-collar retirees isn’t necessarily the “win-win” situation executives made it out to be, according to some retirees and officials.

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06/19/12|Investment News

3% deferral rate for 401(k)s not nearly enough: Mary Beth Franklin

Says employers need to at least triple standard salary set-aside for workers