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PRC urges additional consumer protections when employers unload pension liabilities

Should the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) rules be strengthened to better protect workers and retirees when employers unload their pension responsibilities in so-called “de-risking” transactions? That was the question asked and addressed during an all-day hearing July 18 convened by DOL’s ERISA Advisory Council. Norman Stein, PRC’s Senior Policy and Legal Counsel who testified […]

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Senior Policy Counsel Norman Stein Testifies Before the ERISA Advisory Council

As part of PRC’s efforts to advocate for stronger consumer protections for retirees, Stein entered a written statement and appeared before the Council on July 18, during a day-long meeting in which the Labor Department’s advisory body heard testimony on possible changes to DOL’s Interpretative Bulleting (IB) 95-1. Stein was joined by nearly two dozen […]