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10/29/12|Pensions & Investments

Verizon annuity deal adds to pressure on long bonds

Others may face shortage of quality securities

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10/26/12|Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Heard Off the Street: ‘De-risking’ trend grows

About 41,000 former Verizon Communications employees are the latest group of retirees who will be getting their pension checks from an insurance company instead of their former employer.

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Analysis: U.S. companies take aim at pension risk with lump-sum offers

But by far the most common trend in corporate America is to offer lump-sum payouts to thousands of retirees now – these voluntary buyouts could cost companies millions of dollars upfront, but they eliminate the risk of obligations soaring out of control in the future.

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10/26/12|AARP Bulletin

Nearly Half of Large Employers Shifting Retirement Saving Burden to Workers

Boomers and younger workers don’t have much to celebrate in a new report on retirement plan trends among big employers. It shows that 80 percent of companies with more than 1,000 employees offer a defined benefit pension plan, but within five years, that will change. And not for the better.

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10/26/12|Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Unhappy Fort Worth workers should compare their pensions with corporate America’s

And some companies are exploring other ways of shedding their pension obligations. They call it “de-risking.” Read more here:

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Employees Throwing Away Free Money?

PRC Legal Director Rebecca Davis is interviewed on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” about the barriers some people may experience when relying on 401(k) plans to save for retirement.

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AT&T Proposes Massive Dump of Company Stock Into Pension

Brace yourselves, AT&T pensioners. If AT&T has its way, your pension fund will soon be exposed to, in my opinion, imprudent, avoidable investment risks that ERISA, the federal law governing retirement plan assets, was designed to protect against.

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10/23/12|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Pension Rights Center to Ask Congress For a Moratorium on Pension Cash-Outs

The Pension Rights Center will ask Congress to place a moratorium on large employers offering to cash out the pension benefits of current and former employees and retirees, the pension rights group said in an Oct. 18 news release. [PDF]

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10/19/12|Pensions & Investments Daily

Pension Rights Center asks for moratorium on lump sum and annuity derisking

The Pension Rights Center wants Congress to impose a moratorium on derisking moves by corporate defined benefit plans, including lump-sum buyouts and annuity contracts, while the impact on retirees is studied.

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10/19/12|Investment News

Pension advocacy group calls for temporary halt to lump sum buyouts

Spinning off pension liabilities may help investors, but hurt retirees.

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10/19/12|Business Insurance

Pension Rights Center wants Congress to put moratorium on pension plan de-risking

A consumer group says it plans to ask Congress to impose a moratorium on pension plan de-risking approaches to give lawmakers time to examine the implications of de-risking on plan participants.

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10/19/12|Treasury & Risk

Pension Rights Center Questions Pension Buy-Outs

Congress should impose moratorium until policymakers consider risks to plan participants, center says.