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Frank D.

There is not too much to my story, but I feel I have been screwed. I worked for Safeway stores for almost 5 years. 5 years being the first tier to qualify for a pension payment. Well, I was injured on the job, by a 2nd party clean-up crew. The dude was crushing a case […]

Dinesh Dutt

I retired from the automotive industry in 2013 after 32 years as a mechanic. My other coworkers and I were told, at the time of our retirement, our pensions would be for life. The possibility of a deduction was never mentioned. Now, not only is my pension being threatened, but I cannot work in the […]

Pearl T.

My husband and I were married for many years and had several children. Unfortunately, our children experienced various illnesses, so I had to take time off of work. His career flourished as a police detective, while I often had to stay home with the kids. He left us and remarried several years before he died. […]

Frank Soboczynski

The union asked me to cut 45% of my pension after 40 years of driving a truck. I thought I would have a good pension to live on, but they stopped putting new explorers in. They have also talked members into voting out of it, and going in to annuities. Where does that leave us? […]

Susan R.

This is my mother’s story…My father passed away in 1972, and my mother was told at age 60 she could collect her pension from Kennamental. Well, as her daughter, I went to Kennamental and applied for his pension, but she was denied.  They had no record of an Edward working at the facility! To this […]

Larry Jarosz

I received a letter from the New York State Pension/Retirement fund stating that there would be cuts to my pension. I read it to our retiree representative, Tom Baum, and he saw the cuts as a done deal. Where’s his backbone? He should fight for us, instead of snuggling up to those who could care […]

Pat G.

My husband retired from UPS after 32 years of hard work. He endured it that long as he knew that he would get a fair pension if he stuck it out. There were several contracts where an increase in a pension contribution was taken in lieu of a raise.  We have been told that on […]

Floranne D.

I worked for Delphi Automotive when my job was outsourced to India. I took a job with Inteva Products, LLC that had a Contribution of Benefits agreement (COB) with Delphi. Under the COB my years of service from Delphi would continue while employed with Inteva.  When Delphi filed for bankruptcy on 7/31/2009 I was 56 […]

Dana D.

To begin all the money that was put into our retirement was taken from our pay, each hour we worked, every day, every year. The reason our pension failed is because government rules and regulations. We were forced to pay out more money or be fined. We were not able to add money because we […]

Daniel D.

I retired from Swedish Match North America, Richmond, VA. I retired at age 59 and SMNA managed the retirement fund until about 6 months before I turned 62 and was eligible for Social Security. Northern Trust took over the management of retirement account. When I turned 62, Northern Trust continued to pay me the bridge […]

Barbara W.

I worked for Western Union from 1969 -1983. I found out in 2015 that I had a vested pension benefit from the WU Pension Plan (“the Plan”). I still haven’t received a penny from them and I will be 67 on July 18. I have been going back and forward with them with with no […]

Edward G.

Working for 31.5 years as a Teamster was a hard life but I always knew that my pension and the Teamsters would support me in retirement. The situation is very sad. I look around at my home and know with a reduced pension we will have to sell. I didn’t want to retire in 2001. […]

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