Our Issues

Our Issues

At any one time, the Pension Rights Center is focused on a number of policy and legal issues. Several are being addressed or will be addressed, by legislation or regulations or in court cases. Typically, they have been brought to our attention by individuals affected by shortcomings in the nation’s retirement programs. We work with these individuals and with national and grassroots organizations to bring these issues to the attention of the media, policymakers, and the courts. Here are some of today’s priority issues.

Multiemployer Pensions

Has your multiemployer pension been cut? Are you worried that your pension will be cut?

Retirement & Divorce

Getting divorced? Do you know what you need to do to get a share of a retirement benefit?

Recovery of Overpayments

Is your pension plan demanding repayment for a mistake it made in calculating your benefit?

Lost Plans & Missing Participants

Are you having difficulty locating a retirement plan you earned benefits from years ago?

Church Pension Plans

Is your pension unprotected by federal law because it claims to be a “church plan”?

Expanding Retirement Coverage

Only half of private sector workers are participating in a pension or retirement savings plan. What can be done to increase that number?

Changes to Retirement Plans

Has your pension been transferred to an insurance company or been frozen?

Consumer Protections in Retirement Plans

Are your investment advisers acting in your best interests?

Disclosures & Rights to Information

Are you getting the retirement plan information you need?

General Information About Retirement

Click here to learn general information about several different types of retirement plans.

Learn about Legislation and Regulation

Click here to learn more about updates and changes to the nation’s retirement laws.

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