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Speech by Karen Friedman to New York Nurses Association (October 12, 2017)

Karen Friedman gave a speech to New York Nurses Association on October 12, 2017.  You can read the speech here.

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Role of retirement plans in tax debate highlights how poorly Americans are saving for retirement

The dust-up over 401(k)s is a good opportunity to remind everyone how bad the state of the average person’s retirement plan is.

PRC In the News
10/23/17|Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Teamsters pension plan warns thousands of beneficiaries that the checks may get smaller

The Western Pennsylvania Teamsters fund — which has about 48 cents for every $1 in benefits it owes to retirees and workers — notified participants in April that it is considering cutting benefits in order to insure that the fund doesn’t become insolvent.

Comments & Letters

Comments on 2017 Draft Instructions for Form 8955-SSA

The Pension Rights Center submitted comments to the Internal Revenue Service on the draft Instructions for Form 8955-SSA.  The comments emphasized the importance of deferred vested statements to participants. The statements are based on information reported on Form 8955-SSA.  The Center urged the IRS to reject earlier guidance that permitted plans to give less comprehensive […]

PRC In the News
10/10/17|Rhode Island Public Radio

Hospital Workers’ Pension Plan On Life Support

Across the country, millions of employees have entrusted their retirement savings to unregulated pension plans known as church plans. Many of these plans are run by church-affiliated schools, nursing homes and hospitals.