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GAO Slams 401(k) Plans for Conflicts of Interest

The nation’s 401(k) retirement plans are riddled with conflicts of interest that are causing financial damage to tens of millions of savers, according to a Government Accountability Office report released today titled Improved Regulation Could Better Protect Participants from Conflicts of Interest.

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02/27/11|NBC Nightly News

Economy puts some retirements at risk

Some Americans who put money aside and invested in 401(k)s and other retirement plans thought they had it made, but a new analysis finds that many haven’t saved nearly enough.

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02/25/11|New York Times

Paying for Old Age

Anyone planning for retirement must answer an impossible question: How long will I live? If you overestimate your longevity, you might scrimp unnecessarily. If you underestimate, you might outlive your savings.

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GE’s deep pension freeze

When I first saw the story that General Electric (GE) was closing its traditional pension plan to new hires I thought about lifelong activist and friend Helen Quirini and knew that she would be furious!  Helen was a long-time GE employee who fought for cost-of-living adjustments in GE retirement plans.  Sadly, Helen died last fall, […]

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02/24/11|Investment News

GAO lifts hood on target date funds – and finds big problems

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has recommended several major changes to the use of target date funds in 401(k) plans after finding that investments in funds with similar end dates vary wildly.

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Fidelity: market gains push 401(k)s to record high

Small companies catch up to larger ones on restorations.

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02/21/11|Pensions & Investments

PBGC premium hikes in federal budget debated

The federal budget proposal that gives the PBGC new authority to increase premiums on the retirement plans it insures and impose higher premiums on riskier plans raises more questions than it answers, experts say.

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02/21/11|Washington Post

Blacks, Hispanics hold few investments, poll shows

As the economy emerges from the recession and the national debate turns to limiting the cost of the social safety net, only one in four African Americans and one in six Hispanics reported owning stocks, bonds or mutual funds, a new poll shows.

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02/21/11|USA Today

Five retirement planning mistakes to avoid

Retirement planning is a whole new world when compared with the reliable three-legged stool that the World War II generation relied on.

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02/20/11|Orlando Sentinel

New federal rule should reveal hidden fees eating away at your 401(k) investment

Members of a local law firm approached Orlando financial planner Paul Auslander with a problem: They suspected that fees were taking too big a bite out of their 401(k) retirement plan, but they had no way of knowing for sure.

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02/19/11|Wall Street Journal

Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short

The 401(k) generation is beginning to retire, and it isn’t a pretty sight.

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BP Faces ERISA Lawsuit

Investors in various ERISA plans that invested with BP, such as ERISA pension funds, have filed a lawsuit against BP, saying the company committed securities fraud by making fraudulent statements about its commitment to safety.