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10/30/11|Institutional Investor

U.S. Ranks Poorly in Global Pension Study

A report released earlier this month that rates and compares the world’s most prominent pension systems offers a grim overall conclusion: most pension systems are facing unprecedented challenges as government debts balloon and populations grow disproportionately older, with some of the most advanced retirement systems showing the worst signs of strain.

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Account Balances, Not Participation, Called Best Measure of Retirement Plan Success

Auto-enrollment is beneficial, but not the only answer to improved outcomes, Diversified says.

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10/26/11|U.S. News & World Report

How You Can Protect Your Pension Benefits

Reports of the death of the traditional pension, as with concerns about Social Security, have been greatly exaggerated, to borrow Mark Twain’s famous phrase.

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10/25/11|Wall Street Journal

Workers Come Out Winners Even After 401(k) Lawsuits Are Losers

Few workers are happy with the performance of their 401(k) plans in recent years but how much blame should be placed with employers?

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10/25/11|Washington Post

Investment guidance for employees long overdue

A new Labor Department rule could help millions of workers make better choices on how to invest in their workplace retirement plans.

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10/25/11|Tell Me More (NPR)

Latinos Lagging On Retirement Savings, Says Pew

Latinos are among the fastest growing demographic groups in the U.S., but the Pew Hispanic Center reports that they’re among the least likely to invest in or keep money in retirement savings. Michel Martin explores why with Jaime Levy Pessin, a freelance journalist who reported this for The Wall Street Journal, and financial expert Louis […]

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10/24/11|Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)

Milwaukee archdiocese pension funds fall short

Three pension funds operated by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for priests, lay employees and unionized cemetery workers have unfunded liabilities totaling $41.8 million, according to documents filed as part of the archdiocese’s bankruptcy proceedings.

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Another Bad Idea to Help the Housing Market

A new proposal to help beleaguered homeowners keep their homes out of foreclosure would take a bad situation and make it even worse.

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10/21/11|U.S. News & World Report

Most Baby Boomers Will Work for Life

Many baby boomers will continue to work after retirement. The decision to work during the traditional retirement years may be a choice or beyond our control.

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IRS raises 401(k) contribution limit to $17,000

You’ll be able to contribute more tax-free money to your 401(k) next year, the IRS announced Thursday.

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Guess What? Social Security Has A Profit

You’ve probably heard that Social Security is going broke, not good news for most of those with hopes of a sane and fiscally-secure retirement. The reality is that for most households Social Security is a central source of retirement funding, especially as more employers have moved from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans.

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10/19/11|The Rachel Maddow Show

Faith in Wall Street puts retirement at risk [video]

Rachel Maddow reviews the ways Wall Street privatization has eroded the traditional pillars of retirement, leaving Social Security the only remaining reliable source of lasting income for Americans who don’t want to have to work until they die.