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Today the IRS announced new tax “withholding adjustment procedures” for pension plans today, repairing a problem that we raised in a letter to the Treasury Department on April 1.  As we wrote last month, the Making Work Pay Tax Credit is designed to stimulate the economy by having employers withhold less taxes from employees’ paychecks.  […]

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NFL punts on pensions

The NFL, what many (including this avid sports fan) consider to be the nation’s favorite and most popular sport’s league, has taken an action that could potentially undermine the retirement security of it workers and retirees. I’m not talking about the retirement security of the league’s highly paid players – players are covered by a […]

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Financial Analyst: Be Wary of the ‘Cult of Equities’

There’s a firmly-ingrained notion among many investors that stocks outperform bonds over the long term by an average of 5 percent. This view isn’t based on reality but “myth.” At least that’s what contrarian financial analyst and money manager Robert D. Arnott, chairman of Research Affiliates says. Arnott, who reviewed data going back to 1801, […]

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Older Americans Month

Today, May 1, marks the start of Older Americans Month. What better a day to discuss the retirement security of older Americans? Not so long ago retirement security was thought of as a three-legged stool, consisting of employer-sponsored pensions, personal savings and Social Security.   Today the only leg of that stool that remains intact is Social Security. More […]