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The Big 100: A somber milestone

Earlier this week, the Pension Rights Center’s list of companies that have suspended their 401(k) matching contributions reached 100. The companies on this list are big and small.  The list includes the Big Three automakers, various auto parts suppliers, a dry cleaning chemical manufacturer, a wave of newspaper publishers and even a small county in […]

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Retirement plan rules trump divorce decree

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a retirement plan could follow its own rules even if they were inconsistent with the terms of a divorce decree. The decision is an important one, not just because of the legal precedent that it sets, but also because it serves as an important warning to anyone who has […]

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The test of time

In my work here at the Pension Rights Center, one of my responsibilities is to update the list of companies that have suspended matching 401(k) contributions. This week I’ve had to add more than 15 companies to this list. Even worse, some of these companies are suspending matching 401(k) contributions and freezing their traditional pensions, […]

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Taking a few steps back

A new report from the Congressional Research Service shows that we still have a long way to go when it comes to ensuring that American workers are covered by workplace retirement plans. In fact, we’ve taken a few steps back. According to the report: Fewer private-sector workers were offered a workplace retirement plan in 2006 […]

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PRC letter to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management regarding spousal benefits for federal employees

February 2, 2009: In a letter to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the PRC requested that OPM send notices to federal employees warning them that their spouses could be in danger of losing survivor benefits. See OPM’s response.