Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a question about your retirement benefit?

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
What is a pension plan?
I’m receiving pension payments each month. Can I go back to work and keep my pension?
I can’t find the company I worked for many years ago. How can I locate the company in order to receive my retirement benefit?
How much can I put in my 401(k) this year?
My pension plan is offering me a lump sum. Should I take it instead of a monthly benefit?
My employer says that it has ties with a church. Will that affect my pension benefit?
I participated in a pension plan for many years and want to draw my monthly pension early for an emergency but the plan says I cannot take the benefit until I turn age 65. Is this legal?

Spousal and Survivor Rights

Why do I have to sign a form before my husband or wife can collect a pension?
My husband or wife was receiving monthly pension benefits and he or she recently died. Can I receive a survivor benefit as the widow or widower?
My mom or dad was in a pension plan when s/he died. Am I entitled to a benefit from the plan?

Retirement and Divorce

I’m going through a divorce. Can I ask for a share of my husband or wife’s retirement money?

Benefit freezes, reductions, or suspensions

I just learned that my pension plan wants to cut my benefit. What can I do?
My company is transferring my pension to an insurance company. What will this mean for me?
My company says it is freezing our pension. How will that affect me?

Plan Funding or Termination

My company is shutting down. Will I get my full pension?
I’m worried that my pension plan may not have enough money. How do I check on this?

Benefit Calculation

My pension plan made a mistake in figuring my benefit and overpaid me. Can they demand repayment?
My retirement plan is not paying me the correct amount. Where can I get free help?

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