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08/30/11|U.S. News & World Report

Retirees Increasingly Depending on Social Security

Social Security is the largest source of retirement income for a growing share of Americans

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Why 401(k) plans will fall short for most Americans

It’s time to end the fraudulent notion that 401(k)-type plans are adequate retirement vehicles for most Americans.

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Forget the market: We can’t afford to retire anyway

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7 Steps to Take When Inheriting a Retirement Account

We recently got a question from someone who wanted to know what to do with an inherited retirement account.

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08/22/11|New York Times

Retirement Plans Don’t Have to Give You a Cash Option

The recent wild swings of the stock market had a lot of investors seeking the safety of cash, at least temporarily. One Bucks reader wrote to lament that the retirement plan offered by his former employer, a large not-for-profit institution, lacked what he deemed suitable options for putting investments in cash.

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08/21/11|Investment News

Providers get a jump on retirement plan fee disclosure

Say DOL regulation falls short by failing to cover general costs

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08/21/11|Wall Street Journal

For Many Seniors, There May Be No Retirement

When Angela Gregor’s mother became ill and needed long-term care in the 1990s, Ms. Gregor tapped her individual retirement account for funds and stopped making contributions. Then came the tumultuous stock-market ups and downs of the past decade, dealing the IRA another blow.

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Why 401(k) Plans Are Doomed From The Start

The purpose of a 401(k) is to provide meaningful retirement income to a plan participant  during his or her retirement. Most plans fail to meet this objective due to mistakes by the participants and plan sponsors.

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401(k) Nation: Road To Retirement Gets Rockier

Broker and financial adviser Jim Lacamp has been in the business long enough to remember when Americans had little stake and even less interest in the stock market.

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08/14/11|San Jose Mercury-News

For older workers, ‘scary’ economy delays retirement

Since the downturn began three years ago, the path to retirement for older workers has become an ever-lengthening obstacle course, and last week’s market turmoil may have made it even longer.

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08/13/11|The Ledger (Lakeland, FL)

Economic Turmoil: Retirement Plans At Risk

Having a supplemental retirement investment account is certainly better than nothing. But these days — amid global debt fears, jobless stagnation, and Monday’s stock market nosedive and roller coaster ride over the rest of the week — a portfolio seems to offer the same comfort level as a lottery ticket. Neither one provides a guarantee […]

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08/12/11|New York Times

When Will You Retire?

Is this any way to plan for retirement? After a week of huge swings, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, a broad gauge of the market, was modestly higher on Friday but still down for the week.