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Relying on tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot to fund your retirement?

Looking for ways to finance your retirement? If you’re like Jason Schutz of St. Cloud, Minnesota and you only have a 401(k) plan, you might have bought a lottery ticket for tonight’s record-breaking $640 million Mega Millions jackpot. In today’s USA Today, Schutz says that his only hope for retirement is to win the lottery. […]

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To expand retirement security, a look to the states

There is a movement afoot to use the efficiencies of public retirement systems to administer new types of pension plans for private-sector workers. Last week, in a New York Times op-ed titled, “Don’t Cut Pensions, Expand Them,” Professor Teresa Ghilarducci of the New School for Social Research argued that, “Rather than curtailing public and private […]

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03/27/12|U.S. News & World Report

Keeping Track of Your Retirement Investments

Employees are transient. Look at your own life: Even if you’re in your 20s or early 30s, it’s possible you’ve already worked with several different employers. One report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the boomer group studied held an average of 11 jobs while they were between the ages of 18 and […]

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03/27/12|New York Times

New Ideas on Pensions: Use States

As growing numbers of baby boomers face retirement with inadequate savings, some state officials are considering a novel proposal to rebuild America’s ailing retirement system — having state pension funds run retirement plans for companies.

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03/26/12|Institutional Investor

Employees to Employers: Help Us Retire

After years, if not decades, of reports that U.S. employees don’t save enough for retirement, along comes a new study that appears to show that the minds of American workers have changed: They are now ready to save for retirement and willing to sacrifice to do so — or at least half of them are.

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03/23/12|Kiplinger's Personal Finance

A New Life for Pension Plans

Bucking the 401(k) trend, one union moves to a new type of defined-benefit plan in which employers and employees share the risk.

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What Will Replace the 401(k)?

The venerable 401(k) has been under fire since the recession. Here’s what could replace it.

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03/19/12|Pensions & Investments

Pension funding changes could offer some relief

Help welcome, but some seeing risky possibilities

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Labor Department not deterred in fiduciary rule proposal

The Labor Department is not going to let push-back from the financial services industry delay its fiduciary rule for advisers who handle retirement plans – but that does not mean the regulation will be out anytime soon.

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03/16/12|New York Times

Don’t Cut Pensions, Expand Them

On Thursday morning the New York State Legislature agreed to a deal limiting pensions for future public employees. The state thus joins 43 others that have recently enacted legislation curtailing public retirement benefits.

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03/16/12|Washington Post

Is Congress setting itself up for a pension crisis?

Who wants to hear about pensions? No one. But that’s sort of the point! Yesterday, I noted that the Senate’s two-year highway bill used a few gimmicks to paper over shortfalls in gas-tax revenue. And one of those was a little-noticed tweak in pension rules that could end up being quite important.

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The latest on American Airlines

Most American Airlines employees can breathe a sigh of relief (sort of), now that the company has announced that it would not seek to terminate three out of four of its pension plans as part of its bankruptcy reorganization. Rather, the company will freeze those plans, meaning that employees will stop earning benefits after a […]