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04/30/12|Institutional Investor

On Defined Contribution Plans, U.S. Should Follow Other Countries: Report

This week U.S. defined contribution plan sponsors received a startling piece of news: At least four countries outside the U.S have better fee disclosure practices than those in the U.S. The report, issued by the General Accounting Office in March, reviewed best practices in hopes of enlightening U.S. retirement plan providers and regulators.

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04/28/12|Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Defined benefits are being re-imagined

Traditional pensions are struggling for many reasons: low investment returns, too-generous benefits, and the happy fact that people are living longer than expected.

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04/27/12|New York Times

My Faith-Based Retirement

My 60th birthday is less than a week and a half away, and if there is one thing I can say with certainty it’s that 60 is not the new 50.

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04/27/12|Wahpeton (ND) Daily News

Attorney to speak on pension rights

An attorney from a program designed to assist people with their pensions will speak on retirement and pensions next Thursday at North Dakota State College of Science.

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04/25/12|News 12 of New Jersey

Prudential tries to collect pension overpayment after 17 years

In this television news story, the Mid-Atlantic Pension Counseling Project is featured helping a retiree who was told to repay his former employer pension money that he was overpaid, through no fault of his own.

Speeches & Statements

Speech by Karen Friedman at the 2012 Latino Retirement Security Summit (April 25, 2012)

Thank you to Jeff and to Latinos for a Secure Retirement for inviting me today to speak at this conference. It is indeed a pleasure to be here today on this panel to provide a consumer perspective on technology issues that relate to retirement. However, before I get into technology issues, I want to make […]

Speeches & Statements

Remarks by Karen Friedman at a discussion of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s white paper, “Private Retirement Benefits in the 21st Century: A Path Forward” (April 23, 2012)

Thank you so much to Aliya and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to speak today.  I am delighted to be here on behalf of the Pension Rights Center to provide a consumer perspective on some of the critical retirement issues presented in the Chamber’s white paper, “Private Retirement Benefits in the 21st […]

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04/22/12|Wall Street Journal

Point Man on Pensions

Josh Gotbaum scored a coup last month for the obscure-but-important federal agency he runs when American Airlines parent AMR Corp. reversed plans to dump its underfunded pension plans on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

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04/20/12|The Week

How 401(k)s are failing millions of Americans

More than half of U.S. workers have no retirement plan at all. And even those who do have a 401(k) typically don’t have enough money to retire comfortably

Press Release

Think Paperless is the Way to Go? When It Comes to Financial Disclosure, Not Always, Says Coalition

A group of labor, women’s, minority, and consumer organizations, representing millions of Americans, sent a letter to the Department of Labor (DoL) today, strongly supporting the Department’s current rules regarding how participants receive critical information from their retirement plans.  The DoL is under tremendous pressure from companies and the financial services industry to change those […]

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Group letter and memorandum to the Dept. of Labor on electronic disclosure (04/19/2012)

The Pension Rights Center, along with six other organizations, send a letter and memorandum to the Department of Labor (DoL), expressing their support for DoL’s current rules regarding electronic disclosure of retirement plan information.  The groups oppose making electronic disclosure the default method of communicating important details about their 401(k) plans for all workers and […]

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Safeguard Your Pension Benefits in Retirement

The Pension Counseling and Information Projects are mentioned in this Morningstar column, which offers advice on protecting your pension benefits.