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Retirement pros have questions for candidates

I asked top retirement and aging policy experts this question: “If you could pose one question in a presidential debate to the Republican and Democratic nominees, what would it be?”

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12/20/11|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Daily

Tax Reform Will Shape Pension Agenda; Significant Regulations Expected in 2012

Congress will pass no major retirement plan legislation in 2012, but the tax treatment of employment-based retirement benefits almost certainly will be part of any tax code overhaul in 2013—for which ideas and positions will become cemented in 2012— according to practitioners interviewed by BNA.

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12/17/11|National Journal

The Anxious Generation

Stressed-out Americans over 50 wonder if they’re ever going to be able to retire. They worry that the Great Recession will have a lasting impact on their security.

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12/15/11|National Journal

Retirement Roulette

Saving for retirement used to be as simple as showing up for work. Now it’s rife with contingencies—and success is all on you.

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12/15/11|Huffington Post

Finding Your Lost Money

You may not know it, but millions of Americans are owed money from long-forgotten government payments, stock sales, bank accounts and other lost accounts.

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12/15/11|Wall Street Journal

AMR Bankruptcy Upends (Family) Financial Planning

The recent bankruptcy filing by American Airlines’ parent, AMR Corp., cast clouds over the best-laid financial plans of many of the carrier’s employees. Among the issues up in the air: pensions, benefits and job security.

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[UPDATED] American Airlines’ bankruptcy – what does it mean for its pensions?

No doubt you’ve heard that American Airlines has filed for bankruptcy. The airline has four underfunded pension plans, and their fate is the source of much speculation. Despite meetings the company has held with employees to discuss their pensions, workers remain concerned. Will the company terminate the plans and dump their liabilities onto the Pension […]

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NY State Pension Trustee Calls 401(k) Plans ‘Woefully Inadequate,’ Defends DB

Defined contribution plans should not replace defined benefit plans, asserts Thomas DiNapoli, the New York state comptroller and sole trustee of the $133.8 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund.

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12/13/11|Becker's Hospital Review

5 Best Practices for Managing a Hospital Pension Plan

For hospitals that still offer pension plans, CFOs have a lot of pressure to manage them. They represent the culmination of an employee’s dedicated work to the organization and a much sought-after retirement.

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12/13/11|USA Today

Don’t blame government workers’ pensions

Let’s be clear about this: Truly abusive pension practices should be eliminated. But it is wrong to suggest that such abuses are commonplace or spreading. To the contrary, 40 states made significant changes to their pension plans during the past two years in order to reduce benefits and decrease costs.

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12/13/11|Financial Planning

Investors Will Scream When They See 401(k) Fees: Lincoln SVP

The new Department of Labor 401(k) fee disclosure rules that go into effect on April 1 will radically shake up the industry, according to Tom Gonnella, senior vice president of corporate development at Lincoln Trust, who gave six predictions for the defined contribution industry in 2102.

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12/12/11|Pensions & Investments

Wal-Mart, Merrill Lynch settle 401(k) fee suit

The settlement reached this month in the excessive-fee suit involving Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s 401(k) plan is on a par with other recent settlements.