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New York State Teamsters’ pensions to be slashed because of unfair law

By Karen Friedman Last week, the news came in that workers and retirees voted in favor of pension cuts by the New York State Teamsters Pension Fund. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the vote results are tainted. Because if you look at ballots cast, the workers and retirees overwhelmingly voted against […]

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09/11/17|BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Furniture workers pension cuts okayed despite majority no vote

Thousands of members of a pension fund for furniture workers will soon see their benefits cut, even though a large majority of those members voted against the cuts or didn’t vote at all.

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09/06/17|The News Journal

DuPont offers buyouts to 9,500 pensioners

DuPont quietly offered about 9,500 of its U.S.retirees a chance to exchange their pensions for a lump-sum buyout or small monthly annuity.

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St. Joseph’s Pension Fund Bankruptcy Could Be Just One of Many in RI

Church pension plans controlled by the Diocese of Providence, like the bankrupt pension fund of St. Joseph Health services, may be in distress too – but no one knows and the Diocese of Providence will not respond to repeated requests for comments.