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The U.S. needs a pension registry to help people keep track of their savings

The United States needs a national pension registry. Most other developed countries provide consolidated online information for participants on all their workforce retirement accounts.

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Where to Turn if You’ve Been Wrongfully Denied Your Retirement Benefits

Every day, millions of Americans go to work under the assumption that they will one day be able to retire.

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08/20/18|Republican American

AT&T Overpaid Pensioners and Now it Wants the Money Back

Telecommunications giant AT&T erroneously made large payments to many of its pension holders, according to recent news reports. Now those retirees have to pay the company back.


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Interconnected Disconnections: When Former Employees and their Retirement Plans Can’t Find Each Other

By Emily Spreiser When I was in high school I was very lucky to be able to go on a school trip to France with a bunch of other American students. One day we were touring a market in in the South of France and, eager to practice what I had learned in French class, […]

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Retirees Struggle To Locate Billions In Lost Pensions As Government Looks For Solutions

Deborah Imondi knows pensions. The 66-year-old retiree from Johnston, Rhode Island, managed a large corporate pension fund for 25 years.

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Wall Street Journal article highlights “harsh” pension practice

By Karen Friedman This weekend’s edition of the Wall Street Journal features a front page article by Theo Francis highlighting pension plans’ practice of trying to recover money they have mistakenly paid their retirees, often years later when the retiree cannot afford to pay back the money. Although this practice, often called “recoupment,” has gone […]

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08/03/18|Detroit Free Press

These 3 big surprises can derail your retirement

The countdown to retirement can include all sorts of plans — setting aside extra cash in in the 401(k) plan, aiming to pay down debt, dreaming about the first trip you’d like to knock off your bucket list.

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Ohio workers’ pension fund woes are symbolic of national problem

Roberta Dell has worked for 46 years making lollipops, and she loves her job. But she worries that retirement may not be as sweet as the Dum Dum lollipops she bags.