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PRC letter to the IRS and Treasury Department on cash balance accruals

September 24, 2008: Senior Policy Adviser Norman Stein submitted comments [PDF] on behalf of the Pension Rights Center to the IRS and the Department of Treasury on cash balance accruals. Earlier this year, the Center sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Paulson on this topic.

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Radical thinking from…BusinessWeek?

A timely and provocative op-ed by BusinessWeek‘s contributing economics editor Chris Farrell flatly states, “Keep Wall Street Out of the Retirement Business.”  Farrell goes on to ask: Question is, in light of the current turmoil in the financial markets, should Wall Street manage any of our long-term retirement savings funds? Is the 401(k) plan, which […]

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More on the meltdown

What a week.  The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch’s sale to Bank of America, and the government rescue of AIG were just the latest upheavals in this churning Subprime Summer.  I’ve been getting calls every day from reporters, wanting to interview people who are concerned about their 401(k) accounts. People are right to be concerned.  […]

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How does the Wall Street meltdown affect my pension?

In the past few days, large companies on Wall Street have been closing left and right, making the people who work at these companies jittery about many issues, including their retirement security. The good news for these employees is that the money in their pension and 401(k) plans is protected from creditors, so that even when […]

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Testimony on 401(k) fee disclosure by Olena Berg Lacy on behalf of PRC to the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee

September 17, 2008: Board member Olena Berg Lacy testified [PDF] on the Center’s behalf on improving the disclosure of 401(k) fees at a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

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Rebecca Davis’s presentation on “Planning for the Future: What Working Women Need to Know about Social Security and Retirement Savings”

September 10, 2008: PRC Staff Attorney Rebecca Davis gave a presentation [PDF] as part of a webinar called “Planning for the Future: What Working Women Need to Know about Social Security and Retirement Savings.” The National Women’s Law Center sponsored this free webinar.

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PRC comments to EBSA on proposed regulations for disclosure in participant-directed individual account plans (09/08/2008)

The Pension Rights Center submitted comments to the Employee Benefits Security Administration on the Department of Labor’s proposed regulations for fiduciary requirements for disclosure in participant-directed individual account plans. While generally supportive of greater disclosure, the Center took issue with several aspects of the proposed regulations.

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Happy birthday, ERISA!

By Rebecca Davis Happy 34th Birthday, ERISA! Today marks the 34th anniversary of the date that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, known to those in the field of pensions as ERISA, was signed into law. In a tribute to the workers who would be helped by the new law, that day, September […]