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Pension Rights Center Calls on Retirement Plan Participants to “Ask for Paper!” in Response to New Anti-Consumer Labor Department Disclosure Rule

In response to the U.S. Department of Labor’s new anti-consumer “notice-and-access” disclosure regulation that goes into effect today, the Pension Rights Center is urging workers and retirees to tell their pension and 401(k) plans that they want to continue receiving their key retirement information on paper – not just by getting a text or email […]

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07/20/20|Akron Beacon Journal

Bricklayers’ pension plan between rock and hard place; retirees face steep cuts this fall

Dana Donohew began working with brick many decades ago at the age of 12, earning $40 a week, rain or shine, next to an uncle.

PRC In the News
07/16/20|Chief Investment Officer

US Bill Would Create Lost and Found for Retirement Savings

US lawmakers have re-introduced a bipartisan bill intended to create a national online “lost and found” for Americans to track down lost retirement accounts as they move between jobs.

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Legislation offers hope for finding lost pensions

By Kyle Garrett In my 15 years at the Pension Rights Center my primary responsibility has been helping people get assistance with their pension problems.  The most frequent question I get from callers is, “I worked for a company for a number of years and now that company is gone and I can’t find my […]