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Setting the record straight: Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s pension plan

A new PRC fact sheet refutes claims made by Saint Peter’s University Hospital (SPUH) that its pension plan is a church plan and has never been subject to federal law. On Monday, SPUH president and CEO Ronald C. Rak sent a letter informing all pension plan participants that their pension, despite decades of actions and […]

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American Air pension battle may spread

American Airlines wants to terminate the pensions of 130,000 workers as part of its bankruptcy proceeding. The move would be good for the company’s balance sheet, but would it be good for America?

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02/29/12|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Innovative Defined Benefit Plans Could Be Key to Retirement Security, Speakers Say

Pension plans can play a key role in establishing retirement systems that reduce risk and provide lifetime income options for participants, speakers said Feb. 22 at a conference on innovative pension plan design.

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02/29/12|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Pension Reformers Should Not Promise Freedom From Fiduciary Duties, Borzi Says

The success of private pension reform will depend on whether proponents can offer models that are more attractive to employers than those available within the current system of private pensions and retirement savings, a senior Department of Labor official said Feb. 22 at a pension event focused on innovation.

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02/26/12|Detroit Free Press

White-collar GM workers to see pensions pinched

Thousands of salaried employees in their 40s and 50s at General Motors are looking at quite a pension pinch.

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02/25/12|Wall Street Journal

The Pension Health Checkup

How can you check the health of your pension plan? In the Feb. 11 Conquering Retirement column, we looked at red flags that could show a pension might be at risk. In response, readers concerned about their plan asked for ways to check up on it and ascertain its true value.

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02/23/12|Employee Benefit News

Private pensions in crisis: Where do we go from here?

Private pension downfalls of recent years aren’t only plaguing private companies and employees, but the federal government, prompting a group of retirement policy experts to gather in Washington, D.C. yesterday to discuss possible solutions, including re-imagining what the defined benefit plan could look like.


Re-Imagining Pensions: Using Innovative Pension Plan Design to Reduce Risk and Increase Retirement Income

Event description: America’s private retirement system has shifted from a world in which employers bore most of the significant risks of retirement to a world in which individuals bear these risks largely on their own.  This conference explored whether employers and individuals might be better off in a middle ground between these two extremes — in […]

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Conference Proposes New Pension Options

Forum Examines New Retirement Plans to Reduce Risk and Increase Retirement Income WASHINGTON – Top policy experts joined with government officials to examine new retirement options for private-sector workers at a conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill.  These new options will allow risks to be shared to produce optimal outcomes for both employers and employees. “The […]

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Feds fret over underfunded corporate pensions

Corporate pensions increasingly look like an economic time bomb for the government.

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02/17/12|Jewish Daily Forward

The Pension Promise

Quick question: When is a Jewish federation like a church? Answer: When it doesn’t have to fully protect its employees’ pensions.

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02/15/12|Tulsa World

AMR retirees ask judge to deny termination of pension plans

Retirees of AMR Corp., parent of American Airlines, who believe the company will abandon its pension obligations are asking U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane to deny the company’s proposed termination of its pension plans, court documents show.