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The truckers’ triumph: The incredible story of how a scrappy group of blue-collar retirees rescued their pensions

‘I had to get this fight done no matter what’: It took retired trucker Mike Walden nine years, but reinstated benefits recently started flowing to multiemployer pension participants across America.

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07/25/22|U.S. News & World Report

How to Find an Old 401(k) Account

During the frenzy of leaving behind an old job and getting acclimated to a new position, rolling over your 401(k) plan isn’t always your first priority. Some people even lose track of a 401(k) plan at a former employer. Here’s what to do if you’re trying to find funds held in a previous employer’s 401(k) […]

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05/31/22|Delaware State News

Commentary: Money maze, as retirees become detectives to find ‘lost’ pensions

When Sam Semilia toted up his retirement finances, he was pretty sure that he was due a pension from his time working as a steam engineer for the Diamond Crystal salt company four decades before.

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03/14/22|Money Talks News

The Average Retirement Income in 2022

How are you going to pay for retirement? How is everyone else doing it? What is the average retirement income for 2022? Has it changed a lot from past years as we emerge from the pandemic? Are you anywhere close to average?

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01/07/22|The Wall Street Journal

Nonprofit Leader Crusaded Quietly to Protect Pension Benefits

Karen Ferguson, who has died at age 80, built coalitions in Washington and took phone calls from people struggling to obtain promised payments

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12/30/21|The New York Times

Karen Ferguson, Fighter for Pension Rights, Dies at 80

She started as one of Ralph Nader’s “Nader Raiders” and, after developing an expertise in retirement systems, became a leading advocate for workers’ rights.

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12/29/21|The Washington Post

Karen Ferguson, founder of pension watchdog group, dies at 80

Karen Ferguson, the founder of the Pension Rights Center, a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect the interests of workers and retired people and helps promote legislation on their behalf, died Dec. 23 at her home in Washington. She was 80.

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10/20/21|Bloomberg Law

Easing Retirement Plan Notarization Could Put Women at Risk

A proposal federal regulators are weighing to end in-person retirement plan election requirements meant to protect spousal benefit rights instead could expose women beneficiaries to fraud.

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Employer Reps Ask IRS For Higher Plan Correction Floor

An advocacy group representing large employers that offer employee benefits recommended that the Internal Revenue Service increase a threshold requiring corrections of pension plan overpayments.

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Companies Decide the Time Is Right to Offload Pensions to Insurers

Many Americans who still have a traditional pension—the kind that pays a regular income no matter what the market does—could soon have a different company paying their benefits. U.S. companies owe current and future retirees and their beneficiaries more than $3 trillion, and many have been trying to exit the retirement business for years. Right […]

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‘I’ll be robbed twice in one lifetime’: Retirees fearing financial disaster wait for pension rescue

For Carol Podesta-Smallen, the pain of a broken promise grows worse with time. The Garfield, N.J., retiree framed her first pension check, along with a picture of herself and her husband. “That was our retirement,” she says, referring to the monthly benefit she earned after 26 years as a clerical worker.

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Lawmakers want to help retirement savers find their lost 401(k) and pension plans

Help may be on the way for workers who lose track of their 401(k) accounts as they move from job to job throughout their careers.