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12/22/16|US News & World Report

Pre-Retirement Checkup: What You Should Do in the 5 Years Before You Retire

For people who turned 60 this year, retirement is beginning to come into sight. The question is, are they actually ready for it?

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03/22/16|The Register Guard Projects

Editorial: A debt trap in need of a fix

In 2014, half of all older U.S. adults had less than $22,248 in yearly income from all sources, according to the Pension Rights Center. Pushing them further into poverty by garnishing their Social Security is an embarrassment to the country.

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03/22/16|Concord Monitor

Editorial: State needs to address senior squeeze

Most current retirees worked in an age when larger companies provided employees with defined benefit pension plans. When combined with Social Security, pensions allow many retirees to enjoy a comfortable old age. Despite that, according to the Pension Rights Center, half of America’s 46.2 million retirees in 2014 had an income from all sources of […]

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Bernie Sanders is a De Facto Millionaire

It’s all about the retirement income.