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06/16/11|Manteca Bulletin

The good news about public pensions

A funny thing, even as foes continue to slam the cost of public pensions, the pensions themselves and the plans that provide them continue to become more stable and affordable.

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03/07/11|Huffington Post

An Overblown ‘Crisis’ For State Pension Funds

In early 2010, Goldman Sachs announced two blockbuster numbers: profits of $13.4 billion for the prior year and compensation of $16.2 billion — the equivalent of about $500,000 for each employee at the Wall Street titan.

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Why employee pensions aren’t bankrupting states

From state legislatures to Congress to tea party rallies, a vocal backlash is rising against what are perceived as too-generous retirement benefits for state and local government workers. However, that widespread perception doesn’t match reality.