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05/22/15|Consumers Digest

States seek workplace retirement plans

According to the latest data, about 55 million U.S. private-sector workers don’t have access to a workplace retirement-savings plan, and states want to change that.

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Illinois creates novel savings plan

Illinois has just adopted a unique plan to get its residents to invest for retirement — automatic enrollment in a savings program for private-sector workers whose employer doesn’t offer a 401(k) or similar plan.

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01/06/15|AARP Bulletin Today

Illinois Is First State With New Savings Plan for Workers

Illinois will become the first state with a broad-based effort to automatically enroll private-sector employees without retirement plans into a new savings program.

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Retirement Plans For All? These States Say ‘Yes’

The federal government has been looking to introduce legislation designed to help workers save for retirement if they aren’t covered by an employer-provided pension plan or retirement savings plan. In the meantime, many states are taking up the charge.

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08/12/14|Investment News

Which states are tackling retirement security, and how?

With federal legislation intended to increase retirement savings for workers not covered by a plan at their job stuck at the starting gate, the retirement policy vacuum is being filled in various ways across more than a dozen states.