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09/06/17|The News Journal

DuPont offers buyouts to 9,500 pensioners

DuPont quietly offered about 9,500 of its U.S.retirees a chance to exchange their pensions for a lump-sum buyout or small monthly annuity.

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05/06/16|CNN Money

Should I take my pension in monthly payments or a lump sum?

I’m retiring and my company has given me the choice of receiving a monthly pension check or a lump sum. Which should I take? –Robert, Texas

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07/31/11|Tulsa World

How to handle lump sum pension payout

Employees entitled to a pension from a former employer may soon receive letters offering them a lump sum payout…If you’re faced with deciding whether to take a lump sum, take your time.

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04/12/11|Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal

Pensions May Now Struggle With Lump-Sum Payments

With the stock market up, many beleaguered corporate pension plans are healing. But because of regulatory quirks and recent tinkering by Congress, fewer plans could meet minimum requirements to allow investors to take lump-sum distributions rather than less popular annuity-style payments this year.