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How to Track Down a Lost 401(k) or Traditional Pension

Hundreds of millions of dollars in 401(k) retirement account and traditional pension plan assets are going unclaimed. These days it’s not uncommon for workers to change employers 10 times or more over the course of a career—and all that job hopping can make it tough to keep tabs on employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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02/13/17|LA Times

How to track down an old retirement account

Dear Liz: I worked for a company during the late 1990s.  When I left, I had a 401(k) worth approximately $10,000. I recently found an old 401(k) statement and called the plan administrator.

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Lost Track of an Old 401(k)? Here’s a Plan to Help You Find Your Money

It’s surprisingly easy to lose track of your retirement savings, leaving them to be eaten up by inflation and fees—or even seized by the state. Americans jump from job to job and, in the rough and tumble of daily life, forget what they’ve left behind.

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03/25/16|Bloomberg Businessweek

The case of the missing pension

Tracking down a plan from a former employer can be difficult.

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08/09/13|Chicago Tribune

Tracking down retirement benefits from a previous job

Q: I am 65, retired and living on Social Security. I had a supplemental retirement plan with Joslyn Corp., where I worked for 13 years until January 1979. I have tried all the government databases and Google, to no success. I know the company has been sold, but that’s all I know. Supposedly, I have […]

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06/29/11|AARP Bulletin

Finding a Missing Pension: Here’s where to get help

Q. I’m supposed to get a pension from a company I worked for years ago. I lost track of the company after it changed hands many times. Now I’ve just retired and haven’t heard anything about that pension benefit. What should I do?