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01/31/15|Albany Times Union

Retirements reduced by the stroke of a pen in D.C.

About 100,000 New Yorkers who depend on a variety of private-sector union pensions could be facing lowered payments in coming years.

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01/08/15|Teamster Voice

How Did It Happen? Disastrous Pension Bill Is Now Law

Congress approved pension cut legislation in a sneak attack amendment to the budget bill. The fight to protect Teamster pensions is on. Teamsters and retirees are joining the Pension Justice Campaign.

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The Republican Congress’s First Salvos: Corporations: 5 – Workers: 1

The Omnibus spending bill just passed by Congress indicates clearly that the Republican Legislative Offensive is being rolled out faster than otherwise might have been predicted.

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12/29/14|Huffington Post

A Historic End to the 113th Congress Caps a Remarkable Year in Politics

The final days of the 113th Congress — coming just days before Christmas and the new year — brought with it the end of a turbulent month — and year — of American politics.

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01/28/14|Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Multiemployer Plans in the Spotlight, But Congress May Broaden Retirement Focus

The sunset of Pension Protection Act multiemployer plan provisions at the end of 2014 could provide Congress and others with the impetus to finds ways to change the U.S. retirement system.