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06/18/15|Heartland Labor Forum

ERISA’s Demise: The Domino Effect and Huelga: Story from a Casino Utility Closet

PRC Executive Vice President and Policy Director Karen Friedman appeared on this radio program to discuss Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bill to repeal benefit cutbacks for retirees in certain underfunded multiemployer pension plans. Karen’s segment begins at 19:40 in the podcast and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. [AUDIO]

PRC In the News
12/16/14|Investor's Business Daily

Pension Benefits: New Law Lets Trustees Cut Them

The House and Senate plan that would let trustees of certain financially wobbly pension plans cut retirees’ benefits is aimed at reducing financial demands on those underfunded plans so they do not collapse totally.

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12/10/14|Journal of Commerce

Multiemployer pension proposal riles Teamsters, retiree advocates

The “cromnibus” spending bill has produced something for practically everyone to hate, and at the top of the list for organized labor is a proposed amendment that could cut benefits for elderly retirees who draw their income from troubled multiemployer pension plans.

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12/05/14|Los Angeles Times

The lame-duck Congress plots to undermine retiree pensions

Passing legislation on a tight deadline–especially a bogus deadline–is invariably a formula for serious mischief. That’s what’s happening with a proposal to deal with a supposed crisis in worker pensions by allowing trustees to slash the pensions of already-retired workers to shreds.