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07/10/12|Capital Times (Madison, WI)

Idea floated for state-run retirement system for private-sector workers

An effort to give private-sector workers the ability to ditch their 401(k)’s and instead participate in a state-run retirement system that would offer a more reliable pension payout could be on the horizon in Wisconsin.

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Q&A With Outgoing Colorado Pension Chief: ‘The 401(k) Experiment Is a Failure’

Meredith Williams has headed public employee pension systems in both Colorado and Kansas. During his nearly 21 years in those jobs, he has witnessed great changes in the scope and generosity of retirement benefits offered to state workers.

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The role for DC plans in the public sector

In the wake of the financial crisis, policymakers have been chattering about moving to defined contribution (DC) plans in the public sector. Defined contribution plans may well have a role in the public sector, but not as an alternative to defined benefit (DB) plans.