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How does your 401(k) measure up (or fall short)?

In the current economic climate, few of us want to open our 401(k) statements.  As we’ve written in the past, the faltering stock market, combined with employers eliminating their 401(k) matching contributions, has made retirement security quite a gamble.  But if you are one of the brave, a new tool can help you find out […]

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The Big 100: A somber milestone

Earlier this week, the Pension Rights Center’s list of companies that have suspended their 401(k) matching contributions reached 100. The companies on this list are big and small.  The list includes the Big Three automakers, various auto parts suppliers, a dry cleaning chemical manufacturer, a wave of newspaper publishers and even a small county in […]

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More on the meltdown

What a week.  The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch’s sale to Bank of America, and the government rescue of AIG were just the latest upheavals in this churning Subprime Summer.  I’ve been getting calls every day from reporters, wanting to interview people who are concerned about their 401(k) accounts. People are right to be concerned.  […]