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11/20/23|Pensions & Investments

Pensions & Investments: Is renewed interest in DB plans real, or just a pipe dream?

The news around corporate defined benefit plans over the past couple decades has been bleak, with companies expeditiously freezing or terminating plans. But with some help out of Washington, experts say there’s an opportunity for employers to reopen plans still on their books or provide their workers with guaranteed income in retirement.

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10/31/23|Pensions & Investments

Pensions & Investments: DOL, White House unveil latest fiduciary proposal to cover one-time rollover advice

After much anticipation, the White House and Department of Labor on Oct. 31 unveiled a new rule proposal to amend the definition of the term “fiduciary” and require rollover advice be in the best interest of the saver.

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Forbes: Transferring Your 401(k) To An IRA? 5 Things You You Need To Know To Avoid Getting Burned

Trillions of dollars in 401(k) assets are on the move as employees retire or change jobs. It’s not difficult to transfer these funds, but there’s a lot you need to know to avoid getting fleeced.

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10/04/23|Investment News

Investment News: Employers racing to offload pensions to insurers

Among companies that still have active defined-benefit plans on their books, 89% are planning to offload their pensions to insurance companies using a strategy called pension risk transfer, which puts workers and retirees into group annuities.


Watch the Celebration of Karen Ferguson on October 26

Thanks to everyone who attended the Celebration of Karen Ferguson on October 26, 2022, especially all of the wonderful supporters of the event.  If you were unable to join us in person, you can watch the recording of the program on our YouTube page.

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Pension Rights Center responds to the SPARK Institute’s request for Guidance on Electronic Delivery Standards

The Pension Rights Center responded to a letter from the SPARK Institute requesting Guidance on Electronic Delivery Standards.  Read the full letter here.