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06/10/16|The Colombia Dispatch

Teamsters retirees get pension reprieve, but fund still short

A leader in the fight to preserve pension benefits for hundreds of thousands of retired Teamster truck drivers and other workers took a victory lap of sorts in Columbus last week.

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06/08/16|Pension and Benefits Daily

‘Zombie’ Pension Plans Need Autopsies, Financial Watchdog Says

The finances of the Central States pension fund, like those of other dead or dying “zombie” pension plans, need to be investigated, a financial watchdog said.

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06/08/16|Albany Times Union

Teamsters want local Congressional reps, Senators to protect their pensions

A group of retired Teamsters demonstrated in front of the Leo O’Brien federal building in Albany Monday to draw attention to the threats to their pensions, as well as what looks like Congressional inaction. 

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06/07/16|Business Insurance

Pension ruling triggers dire warnings

The U.S. Treasury Department’s rejection of a proposal by the Central States Pension Fund to slash benefits sets the stage for the collapse of the massively underfunded plan as well as the failure of the decades-old federal insurance program that protects benefits of more than 10 million participants in multiemployer plans.

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06/06/16|Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Len Boselovic’s Heard off the Street: Teamster pensions spared, for the time being

Late in 2014, Congress quietly approved a scheme to prevent the insolvency of the federal program backing the pension benefits of about 10 million Americans.

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06/03/16|Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Missing Pensions Costly to Retirees

People who have earned a defined-benefit pension seem to be in an enviable position — retiring with the promise of a steady income stream for life. But it’s not so enviable if the promised benefits don’t show up. And an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor is finding that many retirees aren’t getting the benefits they’ve […]

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06/03/16|New York Times

When Your 401(k) Is Better for Your Employer

Is your retirement plan set up to benefit you or your employer? Such a question may seem out of place. After all, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, known as Erisa, requires overseers of 401(k) plans and other benefit programs to ensure they are run safely, soundly and in participants’ best interests.

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06/01/16|Labor Notes

Retirees Win Round One

Who could have predicted a year ago, as Congress-sanctioned pension cuts gathered momentum, that thousands of retired truckers self-organizing in diners and union halls across Middle America would manage to apply the brakes?