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01/16/15|USA Today

How to invest in new state-sponsored retirement plans

Illinois gets whacked plenty for its troubled public pension plan systems. But now it’s getting high praise for being the first state in the USA to offer a novel type of retirement plan, which goes into effect in 2017.

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01/16/15|Insurance News Net

New Fiduciary Push Faces Longer Odds

A coalition of consumer-oriented public interest groups has created a website designed to mobilize public support for a uniform fiduciary standard in anticipation of a renewed push to expand the standard.

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01/15/15|Financial Advisor

Coalition Petitions For Pension Advisor Fiduciary Mandate

Several of the nation’s most influential consumer and labor groups have started an online petition demanding a fiduciary obligation on financial advisors consulting with pension plans and their participants.

Press Release

Public Interest Organizations Join Forces to Protect Americans’ Retirement Savings will educate workers and retirees about the “Retirement Advice Loophole” – and mobilize public support to close it Washington — A broad range of national public interest organizations have joined forces in a new campaign to protect Americans from the “Retirement Advice Loophole” that can drain away thousands of dollars of hard-earned savings from […]

Speeches & Statements

Remarks by Karen Ferguson at the PBGC’s 40th anniversary forum (January 12, 2015)

On January 12, 2015, The Pension Rights Center co-sponsored a forum, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the federal agency that insures most private pension plans. PRC Director Karen Ferguson delivered the following remarks to open the event:   Welcome. The Pension Rights Center is absolutely delighted to co-sponsor this 40th […]

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01/09/15|Teamster Voice

Organizing to Protect Our Pensions

Reckless Wall Street schemes tanked the economy and Teamster pension funds. Now Teamsters and retiree advocates are coming together to hold Wall Street accountable and take on pension cuts.

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01/08/15|Teamster Voice

How Did It Happen? Disastrous Pension Bill Is Now Law

Congress approved pension cut legislation in a sneak attack amendment to the budget bill. The fight to protect Teamster pensions is on. Teamsters and retirees are joining the Pension Justice Campaign.

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01/06/15|AARP Bulletin Today

Illinois Is First State With New Savings Plan for Workers

Illinois will become the first state with a broad-based effort to automatically enroll private-sector employees without retirement plans into a new savings program.

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Illinois creates novel savings plan

Illinois has just adopted a unique plan to get its residents to invest for retirement — automatic enrollment in a savings program for private-sector workers whose employer doesn’t offer a 401(k) or similar plan.

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01/06/15|San Antonio Express-News

Congress punishes retirees for company lapses

When Congress passed the spending bill in December to keep the government running, a hidden provision in the act sent shivers of fear into the retirement industry. The provision allows underfunded multi-employer pension plans to reduce benefits for retirees so the government pension insurance fund won’t have to bail out the plans.