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“Retirement Heist: Overlooked Causes of the Retirement Crisis.”

On Monday, the Pension Rights Center, the New America Foundation, and AARP hosted a discussion, “Retirement Heist: Overlooked Causes of the Retirement Crisis.” The forum centered on investigative journalist Ellen Schultz’s new book, Retirement Heist, which we’ve mentioned before. Speakers included the author herself, Assistant Labor Secretary Phyllis Borzi, David Certner of AARP, Don Fuerst […]

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New IRS Procedures for Church Plan Rulings

On September 26, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Rev. Proc. 2011-44, the principal purpose of which is to add a requirement that when a church plan sponsor applies for a private letter ruling on whether the plan is a church plan under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §414(e), the applicant must notify participants and […]

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Remarks by Karen Ferguson at “Retirement Heist: Overlooked Causes of the Retirement Crisis” (November 7, 2011)

We at the Pension Rights Center are absolutely delighted to be co-sponsoring this event.  We are pleased to be able to discuss Ellen’s book and the extraordinary impact of her reporting over the years.  It has had an amazing effect on the lives of so many employees and retirees. We are also delighted to once […]

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11/07/11|Wall Street Journal

Thanks but No Thanks on 401(k) Advice

An increasing number of plans offer outside help, typically for a fee. So far, most participants aren’t buying in.

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11/04/11|U.S. News & World Report

Employers Restore 401(k) Matches

The majority of companies that suspended their 401(k) match during the recession have since restored them, according to a new Towers Watson report.

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5 ways to improve the U.S. retirement system

U.S. has 10th best pension system of 14 countries studied.

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Retirement crisis closes in on baby boomers

Like many middle-class American baby boomers, Linda Carmona-Sanchez is anxious about slipping into poverty and says whatever dreams she once had about retirement in her “golden years” have turned into nightmares.

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11/02/11|National Catholic Reporter

Milwaukee Archdiocese says pension recipients being paid on time

All employee benefits have been paid on a timely basis and pension plans will continue to pay all benefits in the immediate future, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee assured pension recipients and contributors in a “media clarification” issued Oct. 26.

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Pension Red Alert: 70% Of Pensions Are Never Audited

Chances are that your pension or 401k plan has never been audited. No one’s checking annually to see if the money’s really there. Worried yet? It should freak you out, in my opinion. According to regulators, seventy percent of the nation’s pensions have never been audited.