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Don’t count on your employer for accurate pension info

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling sent an important reminder to retirees this week: you can’t necessarily rely on your employer for an accurate description of your pension benefits.

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Supreme Court Decision in Amara v. CIGNA a Victory for Workers and Retirees

WASHINGTON – The Pension Rights Center released the following statement from Karen Ferguson today in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Amara v. CIGNA:  “This is a very important decision for employees and retirees.  The Court ruled that, if pension plan trustees deliberately mislead plan participants, and the participants can show that they […]

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05/15/11|News Journal (Wilmington, DE)

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington returns to US court

Creditors, including lay employees, abuse survivors, object to reorganization plan

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05/15/11|Washington Post

Federal worker pensions emerge as target in debt-reduction talks

The generous pension system enjoyed by millions of federal workers from clerks to senators and judges has emerged as a key target in negotiations between Vice President Biden and congressional leaders looking to restrain the growing national debt.

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05/15/11|Investment News

401(k) rights trumped by ERISA

Court rules that plan owners must get consent of spouse to pass wealth to children

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05/15/11|St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Company stock isn’t best bet for employees’ retirement

Nearly a decade after Enron’s collapse, many workers still haven’t learned one of that episode’s clearest lessons: Don’t bet your nest egg on the place you work.

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Benefits Committee Can be Sued for Benefits Misrepresentation

A Mars, Inc. retiree can pursue fiduciary breach claims against the Mars Benefit Plans Committee, but not against the company, for misrepresenting the monthly retirement benefit amount to which she was entitled.

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GAO: 401(k) benefits skewed

If you work for a small business, it’s likely that you don’t have access to a workplace retirement plan. That’s especially true for those on the low end of the wage scale.

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Bill Would Help Pilots Get More PBGC Benefits

U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii) and Congressman George Miller (D-California) have introduced the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Pilots Equitable Treatment Act.

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05/13/11|Oakland Press

Many factors forcing longer working years

A cultural shift that will have huge economic ramifications for decades is under way.  A majority of the 79 million “Baby Boomers” — people born between 1946-64 in the United States — are not retiring at the traditional age of 65.

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05/09/11|Bond Buyer (via

Pension Pro Blasts Nunes Bill at NFMA Conference

A pension expert panned federal lawmakers’ efforts to increase oversight of state and local governments’ public pension plans.

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05/09/11|Associated Press (via MSNBC)

Women face extra obstacles to secure retirement

It took the collapse of her marriage to jolt Luanne Schmidt into action. After years of taking a hands-off approach toward money, the 50-year-old nurse from Lannon, Wis., only recently took charge of her finances. Her savings and retirement security, she knew, were at stake.