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Dana D.

To begin all the money that was put into our retirement was taken from our pay, each hour we worked, every day, every year. The reason our pension failed is because government rules and regulations. We were forced to pay out more money or be fined. We were not able to add money because we were over funded,on and on.

I want our pensions tied in with our do nothing congrees and this can be voted in by sneaking anything in the spending bill. I am fed up with these people destroying every thing this country stands for.

I was a mason all of my life and worked every hour in all kinds of weather so I could have a decent life in my later years.We paid our insurance to protect our pensions and they do not even fund it and if you need it you get pennies on the dollar,I want their pensions to be the same as ours,we get cut, they get cut.

I would like to see our old people and veterans treated the way they should be treated. Our congress and senate lives off the taxes just like our welfare system and it never runs out of money. These our my thoughts, I want to see if this gets printed.

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