Church Pension Plans

Are you in a church plan?

What you need to know about church pension plans

Almost all private retirement plans are required to comply with federal pension and tax laws. There is only one major exception: Church pension plans.

Employees and retirees covered by church plans are denied the basic protections provided to virtually all other private-sector workers who participate in pension plans.

Most important, church pension plans are not required to be covered by the federal pension insurance program. What this means is that if your plan runs out of money, your pension could stop – even if you have been receiving payments for years.

Church plans also –

  • Do not have to give you information about your benefits or about plan investments
  • Do not have to pay benefits fairly
  • Do not have to be adequately funded

Church pension plans can choose to be covered by federal pension laws, but very few do.

Without federal pension protections, the rights of employees and retirees are determined by state laws. State laws do not provide the insurance or other protections of federal law.

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Fact Sheets and Issue Papers

The facts about church pension plans

Fact Sheets and Issue Papers

What are the types of church pension plans?

Fact Sheets and Issue Papers

What can you do to help protect employees in church pension plans?

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