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Retirement and Divorce: Additional Resources

We hope you've found our series of blog entries on divorce and retirement assets to be informative. In today's final blog entry we have listed several additional resources that provide additional information on divorce and retirement assets.

▪    The U.S. Department of Labor has published a helpful booklet about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders called The Division of Retirement Benefits Through Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

▪    The group EX-POSE (EX-Partners Of Servicemembers for Equality!) serves as an information resource for spouses facing separation and divorce from a military service member

▪    WISER has a very useful booklet, Divorce and Retirement: How to Take Control of Retirement Benefits.

▪    WISER has other fact sheets on its web site dedicated to divorce issues and retirement including questions to ask your lawyer, the 12 worst mistakes lawyers make, additional reading and more.

▪    PRC's book Your Pension Rights at Divorce is in the process of being updated but the updated portions may be read on our web site.

▪    Read the PRC fact sheet, "Your Pension Rights After Divorce."

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My husband did not address his pension at the time of his divorce to former spouse. Now we find (after I cashed my pension in) that I receive NOTHING. He did make a settlement of the marital assets which said anything that was not specified is the property of the owning spouse. The pension plan says too bad, the ex gets all the $15 million value.
Is there any chance we can reverse this? It is very clearly not the intent, since my husband awarded her $600,000 for her part of the marital assets, more than she brought into the 6 year marriage.

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