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Congress Passes Legislation to Protect Retirees’ Pensions

Read our fact sheet about the bill.  Read here

Dividing retirement benefits at divorce

A helpful new guide for individuals who have questions about dividing retirement benefits at divorce. Read our blog to learn more.

New rule may affect how you get information from your retirement plan

Read our fact sheets on the new rule
Pension Counseling & Information Program

Need legal help?

The Pension Counseling and Information Program can help with any retirement plan questions.  Get free legal help with pension problems.

Latest News

Watch Out for 401(k) Fees

The Pension Rights Center has long warned consumers to be aware of the fees charged by 401(k) plans. 


PRC and Covington & Burling LLP comments to IRS on Rev. Proc. 2021-30 (October 14, 2021)

PRC submitted comments with Covington & Burling LLP to the IRS on Rev. Proc. 2021-30, which updated selected correction procedures for benefit overpayments under the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (“EPCRS”). Read the full comments here. 


Companies Decide the Time Is Right to Offload Pensions to Insurers

Many Americans who still have a traditional pension—the kind that pays a regular income no matter what the market does—could soon have a different company paying their benefits.


What Women Facing Divorce Must Know About Spousal Retirement Benefits

Divorce can be both emotionally traumatic and financially devastating – especially to older women who are as much as three times as likely as men to be below the poverty line in retirement.  


The Pension Rights Center urges the IRS to protect retirement spousal rights

The Pension Rights Center (PRC) sent a comment letter to the IRS in opposition to efforts to weaken spousal rights to retirement benefits. The Pension Rights Center has been a leading consumer voice working to protect the retirement security of workers, retirees and their families since 1976.


PRC Comments to the IRS on Notice 2021-40, Physical Presence Requirement for Spousal Consent


PRC submitted comments to the IRS on Notice 2021-40, Physical Presence Requirement for Spousal Consent. Read the full comments here.

‘I’ll be robbed twice in one lifetime’: Retirees fearing financial disaster wait for pension rescue

For Carol Podesta-Smallen, the pain of a broken promise grows worse with time.

The Garfield, N.J., retiree framed her first pension check, along with a picture of herself and her husband. “That was our retirement,” she says, referring to the monthly benefit she earned after 26 years as a clerical worker.


Lawmakers want to help retirement savers find their lost 401(k) and pension plans

Help may be on the way for workers who lose track of their 401(k) accounts as they move from job to job throughout their careers.


PRC comments to the PBGC on interim multiemployer financial assistance guidance (August 10, 2021)

PRC submitted comments to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Coorporation on the Interim Multiemployer Financial Assistance Regulation. Read the full comments here. 


Congress considers provisions that would limit when retirement plans can recover overpayments

In my last blog post, I talked about how often we hear from people who cannot locate their retirement plans, and how Congress is taking steps to address this issue. More...