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Questions to ask at Town Hall Meetings

Legislators often hold town hall meetings as a way to connect with their constituents. By attending these meetings and asking questions about important issues, constituents can affect what their legislators think.

If you attend a town hall meeting and ask a question, make sure to tell your story and what you think your legislator can do to make your situation better. Need help coming up with questions to ask at town hall meetings? Use the questions below as a guide.

What will you do to stop companies from breaking their pension promises to workers and retirees? It seems that now, more than ever before, companies are breaking their pension promises to workers by freezing or terminating their pension plans at an alarming rate. Workers have counted on receiving their promised pensions for their entire careers and shouldn't be left with a broken promise so close to their retirement.

What can be done to protect women's retirement security? Among older Americans, the median annual income for men 65 and older was $23,419; for women 65 and older, it was $13,440. Although we have seen great strides in income equity, women still earn less than men, spend less time in the work force, live longer than men, and as a result receive less retirement income.

Do you support making 401(k) fees more transparent? Workers need to know how much their 401(k) plans cost. Many workers don’t know how much they are paying for the management and administration of their 401(k) plans. Without this information they won't be able to adequately prepare for retirement.

Will you work to ensure that the benefit for the average Social Security recipient is at least equal to the minimum wage? According to our statistics page, Social Security pays an average annual benefit of $14,154 while the minimum wage pays $15,080 a year.