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Wayne T.

I feel like others and I have made it clear that we have budget to maintain before December 2014. We were on fixed incomes and now with cuts on the way I have lost both. I’m not here to keep repeating myself. We earned our full pension. I am not here to continue begging. Someone has literally stolen our pensions. If Wall Street Banks and Government CS cannot find our pension fund, go collect Teamsters money that is still n Vegas. I live in North Carolina and today we are having a winter weather storm. Yesterday Governor McCrory warned us to be prepared and that our insurance we paid for to cover times like we are facing to repair or replace. We were not warned and no one can find premiums paid into pensions for our retirement. I really do not think anyone cares about the humans that have been robbed. We are going to keep pounding and pounding, louder and louder, bigger and bigger, and stronger and stronger. HOFFA Sr. made the statement we only want a piece of the pie, a fair day’s pay for a fair days work and we are here to make sure our pensions are delivered the same as we delivered packages in weather conditions like today.

If I were still working, Teamsters like me would have been delivering packages for the largest, strongest delivery service in the world. 200 plus countries and what can Brown do for you? We were UPS, still an important part that helped build the pie. We expect our pieces to be delivered like we delivered your packages. Honor contracts agreed on the 31 years of service with UPS.

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