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Val F.

My pension was slashed last year with promises of more to come in July.

Mine is the same sad story, BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! These stories are ours and they are heartbreaking.

Nonetheless, this is an ELECTION YEAR, and the politics that are causing everyone to lose their pensions should be highlighted.  Take your stories and share them! Ask your friends and relatives to SHARE them.  Most people in America (other than Teamsters) are NOT ‘unconcerned’ – most of them are HORRIFIED.  But they don’t see what is happening to us. We have to CHANGE THAT.

Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…every social media site that you can. ALL OF US. Share your stories with the PUBLIC – not just with each other!

I guarantee you the public has only heard Central States has saved its local from cuts.  WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE?  New England Motor Freight?  Western?  All the REST?  We need to TELL THE PUBLIC what has happened to us.  SO I’m sharing my story gets spread far and wide this election year. Also in CA, Representatives Kline and Miller, D-CA, wrote the law that is stripping us of our pension. THEY NEED TO BE PRIMARIE’D by the Democratic Party. These are NOT the kind of Democrats that we need in our party.

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