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Larry P.

It took me 40 years to lock in a 30 year pension from the teamsters. I was 62 years old when I had to stop working because I was diagnosed with cancer. I drove truck for a national freight company. This company I worked for is still paying in to the pension fund. I cannot work anymore and they are cutting my pension by 60%. There is no way I can live on $1200 a month. I’m still getting treatment for cancer. Why don’t they make companies like Y.R.C. who stopped paying in to the pension fund about 8 years ago because the price of diesel fuel got up to $5 a gallon and said could not pay in anymore? Now that fuel is back down to $2 a gallon they sure as hell are making enough to pay into the pension fund. They must owe billions dollars of back pay.  What makes it worse is any NO vote by the retirees by the people DOES NOT count. Only yes votes count so it is turned down. It don’t mater, one yes vote will pass it. They fixed it so no one has a say in the matter. What I don’t understand is why some pension are only getting cut 10%, some are getting cut 20%, and some only a few dollars. I have talked to a lot off drivers I worked with who are retired and every ones pension is cut a different amount. As far as I can see this is another ploy by the Republicans to break all the unions in this country like they have for the past 40 years.  Thanks for your time with one foot in the poor house.

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