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Joseph U. Sr.

This is my second time putting a story line on this site; I really feel that this is so important to all Teamsters Union Retirees of Kentucky. I worked as an over-the-road and line haul driver for 35 years. My pension was 3 years ($3100.00) and was cut $1550.00, exactly 50%. I have wrote letters to all Representatives of Kentucky to please help the men/and or women involved with this illegal cut of our pensions. Mitch McConnell, Senator (House Majority Leader), wrote back and published on his web-site that he was involved, and voted for the MPRA with helping to rush this MPRA through the Senate and Congress for the President’s signature. Senator Rand Paul (R) wrote me back that he was not at the vote on The MPRA and had no help he could offer in reference to the pension cuts, and he was running for president. Only one person, Congressman Thomas Massie of the 4th district told me he was absent the day of the vote, but informed me how the Bill, “Multi Employer Pension Reform Act Of 2014” was stuffed into the pages throughout the entire 1600 pages of the Cromnibus Bill for the president’s signature. ONE REP out of THREE was willing to help me in any way he could with this illegal piece of garbage, so anybody that has a pension being cut, we have one guy to help us.

Now I would like to help people with some knowledge I was informed with. I’m sure all the people that wrote and heard Susan Meuran was the Retirees Representative according to law, she was a crooked Teamster member working with CSPF, going around to a many Teamsters Local telling them how great this bill will work and save the CSPF from insolvency. Kline-Miller is the misguided men that came up with this MPRA. Sen. Kline of the state of Minnesota and George Miller, a Senator of California (Retired 2-months ago), said it was the job of the Presidents to read a 1600 page Reform Bill that he NEVER did, signing without knowing what the bill was about. Obama never did instruct any of his staff or aids to read the 1600-Pages in the Bill, as stated before, the illegal bill was stuffed between the pages so no one could tell what happened. After the Bill was signed, all they did was separate the papers pertaining to the MPRA Bill and gather them up and said the president signed it.

I wrote a very IMPORTANT LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, asking him how in God’s name he could sign such an evil and illegal piece of garbage. The MPRA, as of this date today, February 29, 2016, has never even attempted to send anything. What does that tell you?  He never read it, nor aims to read it, no-one on his staff read it, he is as bad as the crooks that are trying to steal our pensions

The “Multiemployer Pension Reform Act Of 2014” is a BACK–Door Scum-Type piece of Legislation that all Republicans and a few Democrats should be ashamed of, stealing the pensions of the elderly. It is also stated that the same CEO-NYLAN and the rest of the crooks think they will be running the Pension Fund, bad news for you -you’re out sucker.

A little bit about myself, I’m 72, in a few to be 73. I have built my whole retirement life around this pension. A cut is going to kill me. It’s already devastated my family to the point of wondering where we will get the money to pay our house payment, medications, and hospital bills. When I retired in February of 1999, I went to my Teamster Local #100 in Cincinnati, Ohio, signed my papers, and was told by the Union this pension is for life, no one can take it, it is guaranteed. I was in the ARMY. I served my country with four years’ service, good conduct medal, an E5 in rank, and honorable discharge. I did what my country asked of me.  Why are these people stealing, and I mean stealing, my pension?

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