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Jerome Kavangh

WHY, why am I getting cut from $3100 a month to less than $1400 a month? I’m 75 and was told my cut would be between 20% and 30%. I got an e-mail saying they are looking at a class action law suit, I said count me in. I worked for UPS and had 33 years in the teamsters and NEVER GOT CREDIT FOR THE FIRST 2 YEARS WITH A DIFERENT CO. (Parson Electric from Mpls,Mn). I’m getting robbed again. What gives? I was told I would lose my insurance if I went to work after I retired local. I was told by the many doctors I had seen, trying to get relief, that if I never quit UPS and got a job off my feet that I would be in a wheel chair in 3 to 5 years because of peripheral neuropathy in legs and hands. Since 1994 I missed about 9 months in the last 2 1/2 years I worked. I had a good retirement plan so I just retired. I’m getting punished now for being a good guy and not going after UPS for a medical discharge and I sure could have. Now that my health is bad, after heart bypass, I can’t hardly walk and losing feeling in my hands, and can’t work, Now I’m getting screwed bad. My medicine put me in the donut hole last year and is not getting cheaper. I remodeled my home 7 years ago on 15 year mortgage, got a  new van in 2015 with all the letters from you people saying I would not be cut after hitting 65 years old. With all my medicine we got behind on credit cards. Wish you would have given us a few years and then make smaller cuts at first. I just wish you people cared.

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