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James R.

This is my nightmare. I’ve worked 29 years for the same company. I work at least 65 hours a week. I’ve worked through illness, broken bones, sprain ankles and knees, and a fused spine. All of this pain I’ve worked through just so I could retire and ease the aching bones in my body. I’ve worked through holidays, family birthdays, weddings, and even missed funerals of my very own family. All just so I could collect my pension. Now my pension is being taken away. I’m almost to the finish line and they’ve just moved the line to pass my gravesite. I will have to work until I die. This is horrible, not just for me, but for ALL of my fellow pensioners.

Central States, whom we trusted with OUR FUNDS, made bad choices and basically gambled out money away. This is a crime. Please, please do not grant them permission to cut our pensions. Many lives are at stake. Many of the retired pensioners will have to go back to work. Just imagine, you’re a retired, 75 year older person and now your pensions are cut by 60%. What are they going to do?

This is not just simply a crime, but a slap in the face of every hard working person in this country. If you are going to cut the pensions, at least send us nice boxes to live in. We will all be homeless…do not allow Central States to cut our pensions.

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