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Jackie S.

The loss of one’s identity is a grouping of attributes, qualities, and values that define how many of us view ourself and perhaps how we think other people see us. Ben, my husband is losing his hard earned pension. Ben is a hard working family man that was a loyal employee who drove a flat steel truck for 43 years. His self-identity now is shaped by this horrendous law called MPRA. CSPF plans on cutting Ben’s pension of 43 years by 60%. As Ben puts it, they are now giving him an allowance they can be STOPPED at any time.

Our story is not much different from everyone else’s story. We may lose our home, fall severely behind in all of our bills, not have enough money for food, or Rx drugs. I am putting off a surgery because I don’t want to run up a hospital bill now, and there will be zero money left over for the unexpected. Basically, everything he worked for our entire lives is at risk because of MPRA.  As much as this all terrifies me it doesn’t worry me as much as what it is doing to my Ben.

I see the grief on his face. The shock and disbelief when he is trying to deal with this theft of his pension breaks my heart. Trying to get through each day without “HOPE” is the hardest thing anyone one can do. The sadness I feel about this situation is nothing compared to his profound sadness and despair in his voice. The fear in his eyes speaks volumes, yet I notice the same fear in the mirror as I comb my hair every morning. The helpless and anxiousness in the pit of my stomach never seems to go away and his insomnia keeps us both up all night. He never says it but I think he feels like he let me down. Can you imagine that? He got up every morning at 4:00 am in all kind of weather to drive that truck. (Just like the rest of the drivers) He missed our kid’s ball games, dance recitals, birthday parties and most of all the good night kisses from his kids.  If there is any justice in this world I pray that all who were involved in our pension theft be held accountable and pay for their corrupt actions of our earned pension.


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