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Henry T.

I was forced into retirement due to losing my vision. At 55 I was devastated since I finally worked my way up to lead man at my job and expected to work longer to support my family. I “earned” a full pension working 35+ years, I didn’t need to take the disability pension, so now even though I was disabled at the time I retired, I’m being punished and being cut 60% of my income! That pays my house payment and taxes on my home. As everyone else, I “earned” my pension and had my time in. Where can I go work to make up the $25,000.00 a year I will be losing? In one booklet from 2005 it states that the plan considers you totally disabled if you have been determined disabled by the Social Security administration. It also states that if one can provide medical evidence establishing that your disability is both total and permanent. Right…where can a blind man go to get a job with a leader dog to make up the difference? My wife has health issues and has cut out going to physical therapy since it cost $120.00 a week. She has cut back on getting her meds refilled since they cost us out of pocket $500.00 or more a month. She is losing the use of her arms due to an injury. Our car is over 12 years old and my leader dog’s health has taken over $4500.00 in vet bills this past year….I could go on & on. It’s devastating enough to lose my vision but my income slashed as it says it will be…it’s right up there too.

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